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Fulham, Bolton & Forest banned from Jan signings

For breaching Financial Fair Play rules according the the BBC Sport website.

Charlton come out in sympathy and refuse to sign anyone as a protest!! *

*that bit isn't confirmed, but probably on the mark!!

EDIT: full story now on the website...


  • From The Times.....

    Bournemouth could be hit with a large fine after overspending in their pursuit of promotion to the top flight last season.
    The south coach club lifted the Sky Bet Championship trophy last season and have made a promising start to their inaugural campaign in the Barclays Premier League.
    The Football League confirmed that Bournemouth were among three clubs to breach Financial Fair Play spending limits last season.
    Fulham and Nottingham Forest have been handed a transfer embargo until at least the end of the season while the League has asked for more information from some other unknown clubs.
    Bournemouth issued a statement saying that they are “currently engaged in positive dialogue with the Football League to reach a satisfactory outcome”.
    Championship clubs were allowed to make a loss of £6 million plus £3 million in shareholder investment, subject to the deduction of some permitted costs, in 2014-15.
    The chances of the League being able to fine Bournemouth could rest on another dispute with Queens Park Rangers. The League are in a legal stand-off with the west London club, who they claim overspent in being promoted two seasons ago. QPR were relegated back to the Championship at the end of last season.
    Bolton Wanderers did not submit figures because of the club’s financial problems and will not be permitted to sign players. Millwall also spent too much but will not face any further sanction as they were deemed not to have gained an advantage in being relegated to League One.
    Blackburn Rovers, Leeds United and Nottingham Forest were all punished for overspending by the Football League in December last year.
  • Bournemouth will probably get the same treatment as QPR, none by the looks of it
  • edited December 2015
    They'll probably get round it by signing loan players and getting free transfers?
  • Millwank being excused for being shit? Boo hiss
  • sam3110 said:

    Millwank being excused for being shit? Boo hiss

    Thought that was the funniest part of that piece! :smile:
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