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Meadowlark Lemon R.I.P

The famous Harlem Globetrotters basketball star has passed away aged 83.
One of the great entertainers . R.I.P


  • Can't help but smile when I think about watching Meadowlark and his Globetrotters as a kid. And now can't get "Sweet Georgia Brown" out of my head!

  • A mini bus trip to see them at 'The Empire Pool - Wembley' was a childhood highlight. RIP Meadowlark.
  • I remember that at the Empire Pool well. Brilliant entertainment!
    Remember Meadowlark holding the ball at his full height
    and the Ref Struggling to get it out of his hand!
  • Went to The Empire Pool Wembley to see them with the Cub Scouts as a Christmas treat in the early 70's. They were at least 40 points down at half time but somehow came back and won. Remarkable!
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