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Injury time

What the hell is going on in injury time this season? In the English game it used to be that an injury time goal was a rarity on a par with a bus turning up on time or being Alex Ferguson, but this year the number of goals scored at the death has been incredible. Our penchant this season has been for giving up playing from 44 mins onwards and we got done in first half injury time today as we have in plenty of games this season. Against Bristol City both ours and City's goals were in injury time of each half. Our game against Hull (not that one) was settled in the seventh minute of injury time and even Reza's pointless goal against Colchester was after normal time. It's not just us either. Liverpool vs Norwich today saw two injury time goals, Everton have twice taken the lead in injury time to get pegged back seconds later this season and Chelsea have conceded on the brink of half time regularly this season. Chadli scored on 95 mins today and van Aanholt leveled in first half injury time against Bournemouth. There's been plenty more than just these examples for us and other teams as well.

Why are teams switching off this season and letting goals in right at the point where they should be shutting up shop? And if anyone works out the answer can they please tell Riga?


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