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New Article: Proud to be a Charlton supporter.

I love this club, always have and always will. As dire as the situation on and off the pitch is currently I can't remember a time I've felt prouder to be a Charlton supporter than the past few months and even more so than during the "glory" years after the 98 playoff. I was too young and also living abroad for the Back to the Valley stuff and seeing how the fanbase is really starting to pull together again in recent times and the effort being put in from the organisers to the attendees makes me feel really proud to be a part of it.

I think this is a defining period in our club's history and we have a real opportunity to influence the direction of the club, as futile as it may seem at present, if we keep it up and keep working together against this regime.

They will be but a distant memory, a stain on our history in the not too distant future. If united we stand we will remain evermore. It is a great time to be a supporter of this fine football club.


  • My old Mum said to me a year or two before she died, she loved me as a child but didn't necessary like me at times. That's how I feel about Charlton, it's my club, it's our club and I love my club.
    I just don't like it at the moment.
  • Hope you are right RCT
  • Good to have you fully back in the fold Rodders.

  • Off_it said:

    Good to have you fully back in the fold Rodders.

    Now, where the **** you been?!
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