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Virgin Media phishing e mail

I received this e mail earlier. It looks quite convincing. Don't fall for it.

(No need to tell me that you wouldn't).

We were unable to process your most recent payment for your monthly bill. Your billing information is no longer valid. Under these circumstances, your service is due for disconnection on 29 January, 2016.

To ensure that your service is not interrupted, we strongly recommend you to confirm and update your billing information today.

Where can I update my billing details?.

To access your billing profile visit....

Anything else you'd like to know?.

If you need help understanding your bill, visit ....

Kind regards,

The Virgin Media team


  • Received same for PayPal
  • edited January 2016
    Apparently I won the lottery the other day in America just need to pay the tax on it to claim it, amazing I never entered it but have remortgaged the house without her indoors knowing, should be quids in soon
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