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Do they actually want us relegated?

With the latest kick in the bollox with tony being sent out again I'm beginning to think that dickhead actually wants us to go down. When you think there is a little hope after Saturday he does us again.


  • I don't know why he doesn't send out Henderson, Solly (oh shit I ran out of fit good players already) out on loan and be done with it
  • Yes. Probably to League 2.
  • There definitely is a feel of things looking like they are being done 'on purpose' and to be contrary or to make a point i.e selling Kermorgant who was well regarded as our best player almost immediately after taking over.

    However I think it is mainly a case of incompetence rather than some grand evil scheme, however the club statement with regards to Saturday's antics was definitely a case of some kind of deliberate punishment.
  • I think he just pulled the final flush on us... down the u-bend we go!
  • Yes. Anything to get this mob out, I can't carry on with this shit cycle every year.
  • Is Fraeye still involved - I would be very surprised if he wasn't there as some sort of shit advisor to RD.
  • I heard from Colin that he still occasionally has to share the space inside Roland's rectum with Fraeye. apparently they get on quite well, which is nice.

    Maybe I misheard and he said Rectory or something instead.
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    A League 1 wage bill (about 33% of what it is now) and a Category 1 academy (producing assets to sell) is RD's idea of football heaven.
  • Alright Tony may be one of life's complete twats But suck it up as he is better than we have got or will get before the window shuts. FFS if you hate us that much and obviously don't give a shit about us then fuck off. PLEASE.
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  • Oakster said:

    Is Fraeye still involved - I would be very surprised if he wasn't there as some sort of shit advisor to RD.

    And let's face it, what kind of megalomaniac requires advice on shit?????
  • I am 12 years younger than Roland, I am happy that I may just outlive that [email protected]
  • I reckon RD's plan is coming to fruition nicely.....get relegated by not improving team other than the odd token gesture, sell off good players in the summer, replace with journeymen and kids, become a good to middling League 1 side, hope to have a small cup run, reduced crowds would be reduced costs on Police, stewarding, refreshments, away supporters, programs etc. Close JS stand and rebuild with some residential flats within it. Put small away following in reduced capacity JS stand, sell or lease flats. End of next season, due to still being in League 1, do exactly the same again (without the JS stand/flats piece) and continue along these lines................................what a crock of shit that will be!!
  • You could very well be right Redmidland. Can't recall who said this but to quote:

    " the problem with the modern world is that stupid people are convinced they are always right whilst the intelligent are full of doubt"

    And that's it both RD and KM are so convinced they are right they cannot believe any other opinion has any validity.
  • I have a sickening feeling that it is all over for Charlton. These Belgian morons will kill the club.
  • Desperately trying to give away one of the few players with any spark to another team struggling in the Championship is mad.

    They simply don't do things that will help us stay up.

    Fit and proper persons test? How does that happen?
  • Good luck with the walk RedMidland, have given some sponsorship, rely on your match threads when I can't make the games.
  • I think Katrien has been unfairly treated.

    Surely she is more Orville to Keith Harris-Duchatelet rather than Pinocchio to Gepetto (had to look that one up)

    Gepetto made a wish which went wrong.

    Keith made a winghy duck that he then spoke for in a funny voice that most people hated.

    'you can Orville.'

    'You can Katrien'

    'I can't'

    Queue fans response of no you effing can't eff off.
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    "Cos Katrien, who is your very best friend"

    "You are!"

    "I'm gonna help you mend, your broken club"
  • KM is blindly facilitating this mad mans vision. No sympathy.
    And she'll increasingly perform her job in a cold hearted manner until the day they leave the club.
  • What sticks in the throat is that she appears to enjoy every minute of being in the spotlight.
  • Yes. I don't know why but how can any sane person reach any other conclusion!
  • We will always stand! Fuck off you Mugs
  • And cuddles the monkey is:

    a) Murray
    b) Riga

    Answers on a postcard please to:

    R. Duchatelet
    Staprix NV
    Transportstraat 1
    3980 Belgium.

    Thank you in advance for your ongoing consumer dialogue.

  • I have to limit how many times and what time of day I come on here.... or else I get this burning feeling in my chest....
  • Maybe Roland has a massive bet on us to go down...
  • No they're not they're just determined to make a ridiculous plan work. So many poor signings under RD but he's still spent far more on players than any owner since our first season after relegation from the Prem. If he wanted relegation why bother with all of that?
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