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Old Farm Park, Sidcup

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As part of Bexley council's wrong doings, a big part of their £50m deficit is expected to be recouped with the sale of Old Farm Park. A much loved and used green space which Bexley Council are quite happily going to sell to a housing company or supermarket.

We are reaching the later stages of the sale and everything has been pointing to that outcome without any major defence apart from the fantastic job local residents have been doing for a while now in terms of a protest as you can see from the site. I don't know the people behind it personally but they deserve a medal.

Anyway, in a last ditch twist, the campaign has managed to get the park registered as an asset of community value, similar I think to what the Charlton Trust did with The Valley? Can anyone in the know explain quite what the ACV means and what weight it holds in the above? Thank you.


  • Anna, thanks so much, much clearer now.

    Old Farm Park is just one of dozens of green spaces up for sale right now by just Bexley council alone.
  • You local @nichorob ?

    Think the residents group have been putting up a good fight over the last year. Never seen it as a much used space, but still don't want it sold
  • Yes I live on old farm avenue AFKA, if I go out my back gate the i'm in the park! I think it's deceptive how well used it is, during daylight hours there is always 10+ people using it.
  • It is a ridiculous situation, central government has removed funding, rather than deal with that. i.e. start to cut services, reduce, costs (Senior management and Councillors) etc, Bexley's idea we will sell our green spaces, (but not the one behind the council leaders house) . They can only sell them once and in five years time there we be even less funding potentially.
  • pickwick said:

    Bexley's idea we will sell our green spaces, (but not the one behind the council leaders house) .

    This is the real sickener in it all.
  • Ultimately local Councils have been hung out to dry by Osborne. Some have faced it head on (Greenwich) and tried to deal with a 70million plus reduction in funding over the next 4 years others haven't been as good (Bexley).

    Lets not lose sight of who the real enemy is here. The blue nazis that are intent on destroying public service.
  • i once managed a Farm Shop in Sidcup,which was habitually visited by bexley council officials,They wanted me to grade my new laid, eggs(we had about 12 a Day),apply for planning permission for my signage, ,take cheese away for bacteria testing(it was prepacked and in date,]and many other irritating things.I am sure other councils are full of the same useless hordes of over paid,and underworked officials,to say nothing of the ridiculous salaries the top officials pay themselves.Get rid of this desd wood,and keep the parks for the kids.
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