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Prediction Knock Out Cup/Johnstones Paint 4th round draw

Just 16 people left in each of the two competitions and the draw has thrown up some fascinating ties. In the Prediction Knock Out Cup, six of the ties have the higher placed opponent at home. @AidenTheAddick will have a long and tricky journey to @ChicagoAddick. Slayer of the mighty @Stonemuse, @MrLargo, has been rewarded with another tough tie away to @Pedro45.

In the Johnstones Paint draw, the two biggest outsiders, @jakecafc and @Algarveaddick, have been drawn against each other. Favourite, @StubleyAddick, has a glamorous tie at @Elthamaddick.

The games will take place this weekend with replays the following week.

Prediction Knock Out Cup

Tommo (50) v. Terry Naylor (40)
Pedro45 (9) v. MrLargo (52)
Viewfinder (6) v. Redlanered (21)
Cafc4life (24) v. No.1 in South London (75)
Chezzafromcharlton (45) v. T.C.E (98)
Sam3110 (22) v. Shrew (97)
ChicagoAddick (81) v. AidenTheAddick (49)
North Lower Neil (17) v. Shirty5 (77)

Johnstones Paint

Hornchurch (19) v. Lewis Coaches (30)
Charlton_Stu (29) v. Hamlet (11)
Thommo (48) v. Paddy Powell (23)
Throughthickandthin (42) v. Vff (69)
Elthamaddick (73) v. StubleyAddick (4)
Addick Addict (15) v. Walshiesleftfoot (99)
Nicholas (74) v. Bosseyedduck (44)
Jakecafc (103) v. Algarveaddick (112)


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