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If Katrien were to go and someone sensible put in place

Would you warm to Roland slightly?

There seems to be universal condemnation of Katrien and her methods however If she where out of the picture and a sensible CEO in place would you tolerate this ?


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    And the most pointless post ever award goes to....

    She is a puppet speaking his words, are there people that still don't get that ?
  • The problem is that he won't appoint a sensible CEO in the same way he won't employ a British manager with relevant experience or use a UK based scout.

    And which sensible CEO would take on the role?
  • You have to look at the bigger picture and see what has changed. Do you really want a CEO who would only be paying lip service, yet carrying on the work of KM?
  • No. All the ridiculous decisions regarding managers and transfers have been his doing, not hers.

    Whilst I don't like her, she has been on a hiding to nothing since day one.
  • Of course not
  • Nope. Katrien is only a symptom of the Staprix infection. The only cure is an amputation of the nut job owner.
  • Only yes men will be taken on all the whilst the Belgians are around.
  • About three months ago I thought this might work. Roland sacked Katrien, announces he was wrong about championship football, spends £30m in quality players who we can afford the wages of.

    Now, I don't think there is any way forward under Roland. His interviews with Cawley showed that he has learned nothing from his experience as owner and while he may have deep pockets, he will just subsidise annual losses which will likely increase as we slide down divisions and as we boycott season tickets, merchandise and sponsors products.
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  • Only yes men will be taken on all the whilst the Belgians are around.

    I think this is indeed the nub of the issue. The man will not tolerate anyone challenging him in any way shape or form.

  • I think she's a terrible CEO by any normal definition of the term. BUT! Has she fulfilled the brief set out by the owner? As we don't really know what the brief is we can't really tell whether or not she has done a good job or whether anyone else could fulful that brief any better. Having said all of that,we are dealing with a couple of know fuck all nutjobs here and both need to do one.
  • No, look at his record and how he treats all his clubs, he hasn't got a clue and doesn't give a damn about the football or the "customers" and Katrien isn't CEO at all of them. Bottom line if she was gone it would be another puppet. He appointed her because he thought everyone would soften to a woman and kept RM on because he was the face we trusted, unfortunately he never banked on Charlton supporters being too intelligent to be fooled by his trust strategies.
  • Nobody sensible would work for RD
  • Katrien Meire has carried out the Remit of her Boss and my
    Source tells me she will receive her bonus at the end of the season after
    the higher paid players are released and the U21's are our 1st team in League 1.
    You either aim for the premiership and untold wealth and a bigger fanbase
    Or what is now know in the football world as the Douche bag Model ?

    Where you buy an Ex premier team and take them on a journey to where ever break even will work.

    It may be the National League; But it could be lower.

    Fair Play to Roland Douche Bag.
  • It is admirable the loyalty Katrien shows to Roland, and stomach turning the relish she shows in her hatred of us.
  • Nobody sensible would work for RD

    I'd do it. Fifth columnist.
  • Only an idiot like Roly would think you could employ someone as naive and inexperienced as Katrien to be your CEO and for it to be a success. And the ultimate measure of whether or a football club is successful is the league table. Take a look at the table Roly. the club a success or not?
  • No change whatsoever.

    Katrien is in the firing line because SHE repeatedly insisted that she was a proper CEO and running the Club autonomously.

    The fans have quite properly taken her at her word and responded accordingly to her efforts.

    This might be just one of the many porkies that she has told in her life that she now regrets with the benefit of hindsight.
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  • No chance. Roland doesn't do sensible.
  • If you have gangrene in the leg, it would be no good amputating the foot and expecting everything to be better.
  • She is doing a bad job in our eyes, not Roland's otherwise she would have gone already.
  • If you tolerate this then your kids will be next.
  • Will be next
    Will be next
    Will be neeeeeext
  • If you tolerate this then your kids will be next.

  • Yes, provided it was the first step in Roland relinquishing control and selling the Club.
  • I think he's missing a trick here, the mad old fool.

    If he bins off KM and comes out with load of old guff about how he is listening and wants things to be better then there's no doubt in my mind that that will appease some people who will then cut him some slack which in turn buys him more time.

    Not everyone of course, far from it, but enough of the "masses" to take some of the sting out and to make some lose a bit of interest. Divide and rule. Throw in a sacrificial lamb. Happens all the time in the "real world" think government/politics (and the BBC!) - but I guess that in order to think like that you have to be in the real world to start with - and the silly old multi millionaire Walloon is quite clearly away with the fairies!

    In the long run, that might actually be a good thing as his incompetent henchwoman does have a habit of galvinising the anti-regime support every time she opens her giggling lying mouth.
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