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Trevor Kettle does it again!

I can't quite remember the matches that he messed us about in but I definitely remember the name, so was not surprised to see that he'd messed up again. Blew the half time whistle as an Accrington player took a shot on goal. What was he thinking?


  • Oh that is a joke to be doing that with a team in that position...
  • Jack Taylor did that in the World Cup Finals match
  • Wasn't it Clive Thomas?
  • This guy loves to be the centre of attention doesn't he?
  • that is ridiculous and more than a little suspect.

    i would be boiling if I was Accrington.
  • Yes it was Clive Thomas...i should have googled it..:(
  • Game finished 0-0 with the Accrington Goalkeeper being sent off... Huge match for them too
  • Deserves never to ref again for that complete cnut.

    Complete idiot who holds people livelihoods in n mouth.
  • iainment said:

    Wasn't it Clive Thomas?

    Brazil v Sweden 1978
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  • Disgraceful. Football League must sanction him for that. I hope I never see Kettle or Stroud at the Valley again.
  • Truly abysmal refereeing. Why put himself in that position. Kick him out.
  • Referee wants to be the star of the show.

  • Absolutely disgraceful. Those 2 points could be vital too
  • Surely if time's up then time's up? The position of the ball is technically irrelevant?
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    I dislike Kettle as a ref but what is the rule about adding time to allow a shot at goal
  • Terrible referee.

    At least on this occasion he didn't put the players at risk.
  • I wrote this for Voice of the Valley about Mister Kettle some time back. I am sure @Airman Brown won't mind me sharing but I would still suggest buying the back issue and subscribing so that next year when we are playing Accrington bloody Stanley you will see my report of his next game!
  • The next game I refer to is Kettle's and not Airman's by the way!
  • So he should add time on to allow a team to score goals? Right so you clearly understand the rules and the absolute dodginess of adding time just in case. When the alloted time is up the ref has to blow the whistle. This isn't local rec cheat as much as you can football. Anyone criticising him from that small clip is wholy wrong.
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  • Trevor Kettle is an awful referee. He just never seems to be switched on!
  • He's gone off the boil somewhere along the way!
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    DRAddick said:

    Surely if time's up then time's up? The position of the ball is technically irrelevant?

    This is my view, too. Another lifer, the guy I sit next to, has the opposing view. He reckons the ref's watch can't be 100% accurate so he should let 'the move' finish and then blow the whistle. My opinion of my mate's opinion is that it's complete and utter bollocks. If the ref's watch says time's up, it's up and the game should end.
  • Katrien has just said she thinks it was the right decision.
  • The whole issue of time keeping in football is a farce, something every other football related (NFL & Rugby) does better. It's why we get time wasting, it's why we get managers berating the 4th official, it why nobody has a clue how much time is left, often including the officials. It's beyond a joke
  • Chizz said:

    Katrien has just said she thinks it was the right decision.

    I'm amazed you managed to get a reply from her.
  • Laws are quite clear. The only additional time to be added after 45 mins/90 mins plus stoppage time is for a penalty; and then only for the immediate result (ie if the goalkeeper stops the penalty shot and a forward pops up to score, the goal does not count because time is up once the result of the penalty is known.
  • Are you a ref @PeterGage?
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