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Ezekiel 25:17 via Jules in Pulp Fiction via The Valley

"the path of the Charlton fan is beset on all sides by the dishonesty of the feckless and the tyranny of stupid men
blessed are they who in the name of history and true fans, highlight the wrongs at our Valley of darkness, for they are truly the club's supporters and the makers of large (stadium compliant) banners.
We will sing loud toward thee with great volume and growing numbers, you who persist in poisoning and destroying our club. And you will know our name is CARD when we stand our protest against thee."
We've been saying this stuff for months. And if you've heard it, we meant it all.
You ain't given any thought to what it means. Do you think it's just some half-witted stuff to shout on the terraces before lobbing some balls on the grass?
...but you saw some stuff that Sunday made you think twice. Now you're saying it means we're the criminals and you're the Charlton boss. And Mr Beachball there? He's just one vehicle delivering the supporters' message in The Valley of darkness.
Or it could mean you're the Charlton boss and we're the supporters and it's the league that's tough and unbalanced - we could have handled that.
But that guff ain't the truth. The truth is... You're the tyranny of stupid men, and we're the future of Charlton Athletic. We're trying Roland. We're trying real hard to ensure the future of the club.


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Roland Out Forever!