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  • Chizz said:
    What an absolute shock. I genuinely believed he would play a big part in England's future. Hope he's going to be OK.
  • Very sad news
  • Gutted for him. So sad. Wish him all the best
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    Shame that. Decent player, who certainly could have played more tests for England. Health as always comes first. Must be gutting for the lad though.
  • That's terrible news for the lad. He fought hard to get into the England set up and took some tremendous catches at short leg. I'm just surprised that this wasn't picked up earlier given the health and fitness tests cricketers go through now.

    Good luck to him in whatever he chooses and is able to do in the future.
  • Chizz said:

    Chizz said:
    What an absolute shock. I genuinely believed he would play a big part in England's future. Hope he's going to be OK.
    this .. I reckon he has a future as a coach though, ex captain and fairly eloquent young man that he is
  • Shocking news. Fantastic cricketer
  • That's really sad. Cut off in his prime, and it's a condition that he'll have to live with all his life


    Similar to the condition Fabrice Muamba had, I guess a small consolation is that is was diagnosed before anything serious happened
  • I was really shocked and saddened to read about this earlier, I hope he gets his head round it and has a very fulfilling life in whatever he choses to do.
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  • Gutted for him, excellent player.
  • Very sad news.
    Good luck James, I hope we see you continue in the game in another role.
  • Gutted for him, a real talented player but in a way I'm happy this was discovered rather than having a fabrice muamba situation in the middle.
  • Poor bloke.

    Big shame for England too, think he would have been a fixture at middle order for the next few years.
  • Jeez,
    What a shock.
    A sad,sad loss to English cricket.
  • Absolutely gutted for him.
    Really sad
  • Yeah big shame, I really liked him. Saw his test debut as well so have fond memories.
  • Absolutely gutted for him. Really rated him as a batsman, thought he'd be a staple of the test side going forward.
  • Just after playing the winter tests too.

    Good luck going forward
  • thats a terrible shame
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  • I had a lot of time for James Taylor as a cricketer. I've seen him score a double century and another hundred for Sussex, when he guested, against the Aussies. What a terrible piece of news.
  • Sad news, let's hope he can get a coaching job somewhere.
  • Hope that Sky, Channel 5 or TMS give him a role as a pundit
  • That's a terrible shame, I always thought he was a quality player. Hopefully, now this has been diagnosed he can go on to live a long, healthy life
  • Posted this on the Surrey thread but it belongs here really.

    Sad news about Notts player James Taylor. Forced to retire die to a heart condition. Real shame that.

    He had finally nailed down a test spot and looked very much like that piece of the middle order puzzle in place. Not to mention his short leg fielding. Had also got himself into consideration for the one day team on the back of that hundred against Aus last year.

    Shame he won't have the opportunity to kick on. Real shame.... should have played a lot more tests.
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    jamestaylor20: Safe to say this has been the toughest and scariest week of my life and my world is upside down! #WhenLifeGivesYouLemons...
  • Very sad news
  • I was surprised and sad for him and for us. What a shocker for him. Those catches in Durban I think it was were a class apart. :(
  • Sad news for his playing career, good news the condition was seen early enough - would've thought a coaching role would be available.

  • Hope that Sky, Channel 5 or TMS give him a role as a pundit

    Actually, I hope they don't' - yet. He seemed to be a really hard-working, intelligent cricketer - I think he'll make a terrific coach. He worked very, very hard through the age-groups to get his England chance, so I think he'd be a brilliant, "inspiring" coach, who can tell kids only a few years younger than him what they have to do to get the career they want.
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