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Help Required: Making a DVD copy

I have managed to make a copy of a DVD (no piracy here! The original is a copy of a family holiday originally made on VHS).
I followed some instructions I found on the internet on how to do this part, but when I went to play the new copy it doesn't play, but just says "Incorrect disc type" and the machine spits it out.
Does anyone have any suggestions on what might have gone wrong?


  • Do you have a DVD player that can okay the discs that you've used?

    Did you finalise the disc?
  • I'm not sure what you mean by your first question KHA.

    I presume I finalised the disc as at the end of the burning process I pressed the 'Finish' button that became active.
  • Not all DVD players support discs such as DVD +/- RW's. If your's doesn't then the disc wont play.
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