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Charlton Live Big Match Preview - PODCAST NOW OUT

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Charlton Live returns with the Big Match Preview at 7pm - you can listen on the above link

Plenty to talk about this evening - THD, Coaches, Ajose interview, Katrien, Scunthorpe, Claus Jensen is this week's connection and we then look ahead to Bolton

Join us!


  • Interesting thing to ponder, if you had one question to ask KM what would it be? Mine would be "since taking you over you have failed to match Chris Powells 9th place finish in the Champ in 12/13. Can you explain why?".
  • I would ask, " Can you please explain again, why RD bought this club and what are his aims, as the club has been in decline since he bought the club, not only with our position in the league but with the reduced number of supporters?"
  • When would I be able to listen to a re run of tonight's show please?
  • Show is now available to listen to on demand.

    You can stream it or download it as an mp3 from our website here -->

    Or you can download the show as a podcast from iTunes, Acast etc (we recommend Acast as the app is less glitchy and we get money from Acast if you listen to the 30 seconds ad on there) -->

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