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To now go two weeks with no league games at this stage of the new season in ridiculous and to cap it all, on the day that I book a hotel for a long London weekend visit to get to the Millwall (ticket availability providing) festival of cheer, there is the chance that the game might well be postponed. ((:<)

Sorry to burden y'all with my moaning, but there it is

Come on you Addicksaaaaaaahhhh ((:>) .. when at last we get going again


  • A complete waste of time!
    It certainly hasn't helped England's chances of winning anything,that can only happen when we find a manager who will drop the over rated players.
    Plus it just ruins the league season,the only benefit I believed of being in League One this season was I wouldn't have boring gaps between our games........oh well.
  • Internationals should be played on a Wednesday night. Teams that are going to lose players to their countries should play the preceding Saturday afternoon, the players can join up with their country's squad on the Saturday night and have Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and all day Wednesday together. Play the game on Wednesday night and return to their club on the Thursday with the next league game then pushed back to the Sunday. Sorted.
  • The weeks off in the season are a necessary evil of international football I'm afraid, we'd probably hate them a little less if our national team was nothing short of a complete and utter bitter disappointment.

    First one probably could be timed a bit better than 4-5 games into the season to be fair, though. All our 'real' fans aren't going to The Valley anyway so shouldn't affect them... :wink:
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