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Fifa: More clarity needed in transfers, says president Gianni Infantino

Doing something about the big clubs hoarding young players would be good
Many clubs sign talented young players only to immediately loan them out, with the majority seeing little opportunity with the first team before eventually being sold on.

Infantino described the practice as "permitted" but added: "It doesn't feel right for a club to just hoard the best young players and then to park them left and right. It is not good for the development of the player or the club.

"We have to work on squad size limits."


  • If they could introduce a higher mandatory minimum squad size that would really help us out
  • More loan players?
  • No undisclosed transfer fees would be nice.
  • Beardface said:

    No undisclosed transfer fees would be nice.

    This is what I instantly thought of... I understand why clubs do it but with fans having to pay so much money for tickets etc. it would add a bit of clarity.

    No doubt though this comes after both Arsenal and Man City won in the Champions League after coming from behind, this talk usually comes from FIFA and UEFA when English clubs are doing well!!
  • I think the main issue with clubs disclosing transfer fees is they don't want to show other clubs how much money they might have available or how much they're willing to pay.

    But transfers should go through a proper clearing house or similar which would massively help get rid of bungs. One of many areas football could improve just by catching up with best practice from other industries...but of course the whole industry is far too arrogant, stubborn and set in its ways.
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