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  • I know the lad who died. Only just became a dad a few weeks ago.

    RIP George.
  • Very sad mate.

  • RIP indeed , very sad .
  • must of had a few mutual Friends with the lad who died, as saw it a lot over facebook last night, life has become so cheap these days.
  • You've got to be some kind of nutter to kill someone full stop, never mind in a gym with dozens of witnesses about
  • RIP.

    I'd just like to say that I find that article from the Standard in very poor taste. Half of it is dedicated to promoting Idris Elba's kickboxing career, rather than focusing on the fact that a young man has just lost his life.

    Couldn't agree more. ITV News was exactly the same.
  • Good point about the article.

    I have changed to the news shopper.
  • edited November 2016
    Awful news
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  • RIP. Especially becoming a new father. Horrible.
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