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I'm looking for a painter & decorator who is available to give me an instant quote and is available to start work ASAP.

I would rather give my money to someone on here or someone who can recommend a decent decorator that can be trustworthy!
Send me message with your details and I will get back to you.



  • 4999k, but I want half of it now, the other half on completion
  • If you can piss you can paint.

    Only joking

    No offence intended to any painters on here
  • Seriously if you live in the orpington Bromley area i can recommend a few
  • I only know fairly laid back ones.
  • I wish i was available to help but were tied up with jobs at the moment.
  • I know one of the best decorators I've ever seen, wouldn't describe him as reliable though. Reliably the best finish you'll ever see, I'd never a day rate though.
  • I'm up in Lincolnshire and flat out well into the new year... Just be careful about any decent decorator who can start tomorrow !!!
  • My girlfriend told me she was going to decorate her room. I offered to help imagining painting/moving stuff etc. She said she didn't need me (surprising coz she's completely useless at that sort of thing).

    So I go round to have a look at the finished article and all that's happened is there are are few pink fluffy heart shaped cushions around... apparently that was it...

    Not sure how this is relevant and it's certainly not helpful to you but there you have it.
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  • I will ask my Mrs as she said "the painters are in this week".
  • I've sent a personal message to you.
  • PM'd you as well
  • Cheers people I have had a great response ;-)
  • If anyone knows of or is a painter and decorator who can do cutting in to a very high standard and has availability in the next week or so, please drop me a pm. 
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