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printing boarding cards

Yes I know you can use phones, but I want to print some Easyjet boarding cards, however I do not wish to waste paper and ink by printing all the adverts etc. they give you with it, especially as one of them has a solid black background!

Using MacOS Sierra with the "Mail" application and an HP printer (which I have deleted and added back to, hopefully, ensure driver up to date).

I have taken "Snapshots" in the PDF and pasted into an email, looks fine ..... but in print preview the right-hand edge is missing, can't see a way to update margins so change to landscape but the missing area of the boarding card remains the same. Printing confirms what is in print preview.

This could be a printer issue, but because I see it in print preview it is probably an issue with Apple "Mail", anyone know how to get around it?

Oh I did try Word first but the images get resized and I wouldn't be sure Easyjet would accept those.

Any advice appreciated!


  • Use your Phone
  • Fumbluff said:

    wasting paper and ink on a boarding card is THE big environmental worry before getting on a jet plane

    corrected for you

  • Isn't there a print boarding pass button which will exclude the adverts?

    Or you could use something called Adblock.
  • On a sort of related note, for the last couple of years I've used my mobile as my boarding pass for every flight I've taken (about 10 flights to various destinations) and on every single occasion, the people at the bag drop at the airport printed out a card version for me anyway.
    What's the point of the electronic boarding pass if they print one out regardless?
    Doesn't really bother me, but it seems a bit weird. Anyone know why they do this?
  • People like a piece of paper
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    Do the flight attendants at the gate still take part of the boarding pass off you?

    If they do, I would imagine that it has something to do with reconciling against the passenger list (even if the electronic systems will do this too, there can still be a benefit of the manual check).

    Just guessing.
  • In case your phone battery runs out
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  • Just turn up at the airport ! Either use the free machine or thy will print for you. I had to go overseas 4 times this year and not once have I printed a boarding pass at home
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    shine166 said:

    Just turn up at the airport ! Either use the free machine or thy will print for you. I had to go overseas 4 times this year and not once have I printed a boarding pass at home


    Just go up to the desk and tell them your printer doesn't work.

    They'll ask you for your passport and flight reference, check for you on their bookings list and straightaway write you out a boarding pass.
    Takes 2 minutes.

    But ...... don't turn up late in a panic and expect them to be so obliging.

  • There are machines at Gatwick (and Heathrow, I think), where you can scan your passport and it issues your boarding pass - no need to print anything at home.
  • Just print the page of the boarding pass surely?
  • I don't use a Mac, but on Windows I would use Print Screen and paste the screen capture into Paint and cut out the bits I wanted into a Word document, save as a PDF and print. I assume Macs have a similar feature.
  • 'Snipping tool' which I believe comes with W7 and W10.
  • shine166 said:

    Just turn up at the airport ! Either use the free machine or thy will print for you. I had to go overseas 4 times this year and not once have I printed a boarding pass at home

    DO NOT try this at Faro...
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    Had my home printer 3 years - used regularly and haven't had to spend a penny on ink! Heres a tip for you. I reccomend this printer -I have one at home and in the office for labels and invoices. I advise on getting an older reconditioned printer as I assume manufacturers will make it harder to do what I am suggesting with the newer ones!

    Epson are good buys for cheap printing as they have heads in the printer itself rather than the cartridge - which are more flimsy and likely to block with multiple use - not a problem if you keep buying new cartridges but why should you? So this printer (Epson xp312) is £35.99.

    Then you need to buy these refillable cartridges

    These are £11.90 but you can probably find cheaper. They have a chip - modern cheap printers have cartridges with chips that tell the printer you have run out of ink even if you havent and you can'tuse them anymore. These chips reset when you take the cartridge out and snap it in again!

    And then ink and syringes.

    These will last for ages - I'm still on my first bottles. £4.51

    You can get syrynges for £1 each - best to have 4 - one for each colour so you don't mix.

    So if you add it up - for £56.40 you can do as much printing as you like - years of home printing in my case and not have to pay a penny more. Print companies will tell you the quality is poorer but I haven't noticed any lesser quality.

    The printer does copies - so it is our photocopier and has a built in scanner. Companies sell cheap printers but get their money from expensive ink. The more you know about it the more annoying it is in terms of being told you have no ink when you can still have a third of a cartridge's worth! They don't like you doing this, but it is perfectly legal.

    It is simple to do and there are guides on you tube if you are not sure.
  • Charlton download and print tickets have a massive banner on each ticket and whilst I do cut and paste it's annoying and fiddly.
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