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Peterborough's young lad (da Silva Lopes)

How did he look?

Their Chairman reckon there was over 25 Prem scouts there today looking at Lookman and him.


  • Wouldn't know who he was - but lookman wont be attracting too much attention based on that shocker!
  • He had his shirt tucked in and socks pulled up to the knee so presented himself very well. We made them look like they had just been signed by Real Madrid.
  • Feigned injury to end our spell of pressure. Twat
  • He played on the right side of the midfield diamond. Showed some nice touches, without over impressing. However, if you are looking at a specific player, you need to concentrate on him rather than watch the game, as those 25 scouts would have done. So difficult to make a true assessment.

    Lookman looked like a street player today. Skill and ability, but poor tactical awareness and poor decision-making on the ball. I lost count of the number of times he lost possession when most of his team mates were in advance of him.
  • I kept an eye on him & thought he did very little compared to their other players. I wouldn't want us to sign him on that showing. Mind you Lookman was absolutely rank. Lost the ball on virtually every occasion and showed very little effort.
  • I think Lookie must want to stay at Charlton. There he was in the shop window and put in a performance barely worthy of Hackney Marshes.
  • Since Ricky Holmes has been injured, Lookman is the player we expect to make things happen but double mark him and a couple of heavy tackles and he is beginning to look a forlorn young player. His decision making today was so poor.
    I was impressed with Posh who have so many willing athletes in their team,
    they always had a pass on.
    Lookman will be Superb on Wednesday !!!!
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