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Pardew Sacked (pg 1)/De Boer Sacked (pg 25)

First last night and now this.


  • Just got the sky sport breaking news thing on my phone. Gutted
  • FFS!

    I really hope they're not lining up big Sam
  • bellz2002 said:

    I wonder what he did at the Palace Christmas party....

    Probably his little cup final jig
  • Oh dear. Hope they go for a fuckwit foreigner to hasten further decline.
  • FFS too early! Needed him to piss another 40m up the wall
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  • Coming back to us?
  • Christmas ruined.
  • Aaaaagh too soon
  • Bad news. That's them safe, their chairman's too sensible, learns from mistakes, etc - Allardyce or Hodgson in to further establish them in the Premier League.

    10 years minus 2 days since he was appointed as CAFC manager.
  • We appointed him Christmas Eve didn't we?

    Doesn't have much luck during the festive period does he!
  • They made him break his contract at Newcastle. Teaches him for being smug and arrogant.
  • i think its actually a bit stupid of palace to sack him before important xmas fixtures but fuck him and fuck them, made for each other.
  • edited December 2016
    Was spilling my guts and angst on the "Fuck off Pardew" thread... BUT is this where we are coming to commit suicide?

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  • Hope they get Dowie back bounce backability what a c### we been shit ever since that day curbs went
  • Not sure why they've waited 5 days since the last game to do this but never mind
  • palaces next league 6 are

    watford a
    arsenal a
    swansea h
    west ham a
    everton h
    bournemouth a

    cant see them winning any of them.
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