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The Christmas fixture list this year (in general)

A slightly weird schedule this year. For a start due to Boxing Day being on a Monday, most teams will have had over a week off before then

Then quite a reasonable gap until New Year's eve - an unusual day to play, there's even a Match of the Day that evening - no game on New Year's day (I remember us playing Millwall at 12 noon one year?), and instead a game on the 2nd

Add in Sky and BT moving games around, and some PL teams have a far worse schedule than others. The BBC have an interesting table showing how Chelsea's games are spread over almost twice as long as Southampton's!

In previous years, would we have played on Boxing Day, had a midweek evening game on the 28th, then played on New Year's day instead?


  • There should be games today and Boxing Day.

  • Ridiculous scheduling for Southampton. 10 days without a game, then forced to play 3 games in 5 days yet Chelsea's 3 games are spread over 9 days. How do the premier league sit and decide that's fair?

    And they're making Liverpool play 2 games in less than 48 hours! Great scheduling that!
  • They have to dance to Sky and BT's tune as they are paying the money.
  • Why couldn't they move Liverpool or Southampton's game forward to today though? They aren't playing on boxing day so tradition has already gone out of the window, and their fixtures have been moved back which gives less recovery time for the new year games, couldn't those sides have played today instead of the 27/28th?
  • There should be games today and Boxing Day.

    Last season we played on Boxing Day (a Saturday) then on Monday 28th, which would be the same days of the week. I guess they problem is trains finishing early today,and men having to do their last minute Christmas shopping!
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