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Ford fiesta.

Is the one litre Ford Fiesta Zetec automatic any good?


  • Other than being automatic. And 1 litre. Probably.

    Is it for the missus?
  • I have a Mondeo at the moment, but the days of having to use it almost as a van are now over. I can get by with a smaller motor.
    Anyway I ain't much of a man being a vegetarian and all.
  • 0-60 14.4 seconds!!!
  • Is this a serious question.

    No seriously
  • Yeah it is actually.
    I am preparing to get slaughtered due to shame and embarrassment though.
    Don't give a damn about things like acceleration and alloy wheels and such, and have never had an automatic, but my brother goes on about automatics all the time and has worn me down.
    When i say 'any good' I suppose i don't mean is it fast.
  • How much are you looking to pay? Are we talking brand new?
  • errm, maybe if there is 0% going, and I get a good price for my Mondeo.
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  • seth plum said:

    errm, maybe if there is 0% going, and I get a good price for my Mondeo.

  • My gf has a 1.4 litre fiesta. Great thing about cars like the fiesta is the parts come cheap, at least in my experience.
  • Why don't you just buy a 2nd 5-series with a 3l diesel engine for £7k and drive around in that? Far more fun.
  • What is a five series?
  • seth plum said:

    What is a five series?

    Well it ain't a fiesta
  • seth plum said:

    What is a five series?

    If you buy a second hand one for 7k your road to bankruptcy......
  • All joking aside Seth if you do buy a fiesta they are cheap to insure, Good on petrol, reliable and easy to get parts for if they go wrong.
    Good luck
  • I've never driven an automatic that I've actually enjoyed driving and with a smaller engine it will be on the sluggish side. However, the Zetec's a decent engine and ford don't sell millions of Fiestas for nothing.
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  • seth plum said:

    Is a five series a Volvo?

    Now you are joking

    Ain't you
  • I am looking to drive more cheaply, and I know this might sound utterly stupid to the experts, but my council, Lewisham, has 20mph roads all over, and you can't drive that slow in top gear in my current car, at least I can't without fretting over the gears.
    Sluggish is not an issue, or being slow anyway, had all my speed thrills with 14 years as a motorcyclist, going fast is less of a priority in the city, other stuff like pinch points, speed humps and parking is a more pressing thing, as is fuel consumption.
    If I drive to somewhere actual, like to Bristol say, then the Mondeo fuel consumption is twice as good as it is living in SE London.
  • seth plum said:

    Is a five series a Volvo?

    5 series is a BMW.

    My uncle has a Fiesta automatic, 13 plate I believe. He has really bad knee so can't drive a manual without it hurting too much. It's smooth enough for getting around A-B but it's never going to be a longer distance journey car.

    I'd say have a test drive on it a couple of times or whatever and see how you go.
  • Fiestas are nice cars

    Is it the Ecoboost Turbo engine, as those are very powerful for the size and reasonable fast
  • When we were looking for new second-hand car, we tried loads of things around Fiesta size - Skoda Fabia & Yeti, Citroën C3 and D3, Toyota Yaris & Auris, Nissan Note, Peugeot 206, Fiesta, Audi A1, and Honda Jazz. The Jazz was head and shoulders above the lot apart from the Audi, and the Audi has nothing like the reliability of the Jazz (or so said JD Power). True, it's not cheap, but we got a just under three year old top of the range with a panoramic roof for £10,000.

    Five years later, it's not missed a beat - two flat tyres caused by nails, servicing, and normal service items like brake pads have been the only costs. I can see this lasting us for another five, ten years (touch wood) and will probably be the last petrol car we buy. By the time it dies, electric cars should have a range similar to a petrol car and be pretty quick to charge so I'd think that will be the way we'll go, but that's another matter.
  • If you are going to buy a 1 litre engine car my advice would be to buy a manual. 1.3 litre minimum for an automatic
  • I also learnt how to drive in a Fiesta Ecoboost manual. It's a nice car, very easy to drive.
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