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BLOG POST: Proud to be an Addick! Charity Single Sample

I wanted to get this up earlier, but there you go... it's up now ;-) For those who haven't heard the Charity Single "Proud to be an Addick!" have a listen to a sample. CDs available on the day. It's a great song for a great cause so pester 3blokes for your copy now (here)!


  • hurrah, you can't help my dirty ol man bit on the sample !!!
  • Just had a listen!

    Sounds great and a very catchy tune!! - I'll def have one or two copies!!

  • You could do a Chas and Dave tribute night based on that!

    I take it copies will be available tomorrow?
  • yep, on sale tomorrow night.
  • does anyone have the full song yet or when they get it tomorrow make sure you get it on the net pleaseee:D lol
  • cafcboi - don't be tight, it's for charity.
  • Exactly, get you pennies out.
  • Any chance of shipping them afka? I'll obviously somehow sort the dosh + donation if possible?

  • martin simons bought mine off me so i need another one too.
  • i forgot but want 4!
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  • Jon - how many do you have left after last nite's sales?
  • I've sold about 60 in 2 days and more people coming in the next few days from what I hear at work etc.
    I've got about 100 left including a numbered one for ya ;)
    Gonna see if the club shop will take some so people can get them from there makes it easy all round.
    That should have been 140 left but I discovered I was burning the wrong stuff on one laptop! so lost 40 copies and had to check them all again.
  • Jon - would it be possible of you to leave me 10 copies in the pub - tell em its for Charlton Tony. Not sure how much the going rate is but I was thinking of £5 or more for one CD. Please let me know otherwise. Should I just put the money collected straight onto the sponsor site - minium a bulls eye but hopefully more. Many thanks. Solid
  • Yeah Tony I'll drop 12 copies in ( 2 for badger) for tomo evening :)
    And just put it on the just giving site that'll be great ;)
  • this is probably too advanced etc but how about this....

    Make the single available for download for say 50p and then the money goes to Demleza?

    I can't anticipate that they would be much cost to set it up?

    Obviously, get rid of the CD's first before you do this!
  • I think that idea was raised, but don't think this site could do that?
    Don't know whether it could be done through the JustGiving site somehow?
    It would certainly be another way to do it and accessible to wider donations.
    I'll ask LookOut :)
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