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Steve Hewlett RIP

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Been listening into this on R4. Very moving and a very brave man facing up to the end of his life.



  • The interviews with him by Eddie Mair over the last few months or so have been remarkable. Mair was the perfect foil for him and it was very apparent that their friendship and mutual respect would allow for compelling listening over the following few months. He was a man who wanted to share what he was going through to raise even greater awareness. When he announced a week or so ago that he had got married and that his treatment was to cease because nothing more could be done it was very sad and yet he presented it in such a matter of fact way. Truly brave individual. RIP
  • I have listened to his interviews in recent weeks and am sorry to learn of his demise.
  • I listened to their discussions and I have to say he came across brilliantly.

    It was so cruel that treatment was stopped when he had previously had hopes of being involved in a trial of a potentially breakthrough treatment. But he faced the inevitable with a stoicism that you cannot help but admire.

    Shocking that he died so soon after treatment stopped.

  • My brother passed away to oesophageal cancer and my late wife had treatment at Royal Marsden so I could relate personally to Steve's story as it unfolded. An incredibly brave man. The editing on the tribute compilation today of steves comments had me in tears. A wonderful piece of work by Eddie Mair. A tragic story but I am sure Steve and Eddie together will have touched many listeners. rip Steve and Eddie keep up the good work. We are fortunate to have such high quality radio.
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