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Prediction Knock Out Cup 4th round/Johnstones Paint 3rd round results

@saulc23 looks invincible at the moment after hammering @cafc4life 5-1 in the 4th round of the Prediction Knock Out Cup. Highly placed @StrikerFirmani also suffered a big 6-1 defeat away to @cblock. The lower placed team won 6 of the 8 ties with one draw; @Alex Wright was the only higher placed winner of a tie. @Carl Leaburn also won convincingly away from home while @Bedsaddick and @Pedro45 produced a scintillating 4-4 draw which means they have to play again this week.

In the Johnstones Paint @shirty5 looks to be chasing some silverware this year while @tavern may need a taxi home from the tavern after celebrating his 1-0 win away to @Taxi_Lad.

The replays will take place this weekend with the Quarter Final draw next Monday at 3pm. Details to follow.

Prediction Knock Out Cup 4th round

Saulc23 (8) v. Cafc4life (1) 5-1
Theeenorth (32) v. Swerve (52) 0-2
Lewis Coaches (87) v. Eaststandmike (30) 1-0
CHG (56) v. 56yearsofdreams (25) 4-1
Bedsaddick (13) v. Pedro45 (22) 4-4
Charltontotty (73) v. Alex Wright (12) 0-3
Cblock (55) v. StrikerFirmani (6) 6-1
ThreadKiller (27) v. Carl Leaburn (36) 0-4

Johnstones Paint Prediction Cup 3rd round

Supaclive (49) v. Karim_myBagheri (80) 4-3
Dannoo_86 (57) v. SaySomething (40) 0-1
Taxi_Lad (18) v. Tavern (77) 0-1
Low_Ears (70) v. Tommo (28) 1-3
Beardface (78) v. Shirty5 (3) 1-2
Big_Bob (35) v. Sam3110 (72) 0-3
Gumbo (66) v. CAFCspooney (10) 1-1
Sarge1g (81) v. Badger (95) 0-1

Replays (this weekend)

Prediction Knock Out Cup 4th round replay

Pedro45 (22) v. Bedsaddick (13)

Johnstones Paint Prediction Cup 3rd round replay

CAFCspooney (10) v. Gumbo (66)


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