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Media Players

Anyone know of any easy to use media players I can download that will play and save CD’s that are copyrighted.

I have a few CD’s sitting in doors that I want on my MP3 player.

Media players that don’t try adding toolbars that slow your PC would be amazing


  • VLC Player is the one I use on my PC... Great Software and is free
  • Yeah, VLC is the nuts.
  • I have VLC but even that would not do it maybe i need to download a newer version
  • +1 for VLC
  • Format factory
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    I have VLC but even that would not do it maybe i need to download a newer version

    I always thought VLC could burn a Music from a Disc on to your Computer - One that definitely can is the Windows Media Player that comes with the Operating System (Past Versions have definitely had this feature)
  • Another +1 for VLC. Love it.
  • Sorry to hijack the thread slightly but for all those others who love VLC.

    Who bloody hate the orange and white Traffic Cone type icon... Whats that all about... Whats it got to do with Music and Videos?
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    I know I have sucessfully converted a CD with DRM protection but (less than helpfully) can't remember what software I used to do it. It would have been either VLC, Media Monkey or Brasero. But I think the latter might be for Linux O/S only?

    If you're still having trouble, Audacity (which is a great bit of free software for editing audio) has the facility to record what is playing/streaming but you have to actually hit the record/stop buttons - it's a bit like having a virtual cassette player!
  • Microsoft Media player.
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