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Dame Vera Lynn - wishing you a very Happy 100th Birthday


  • Happy Birthday Vera
  • Loved her in Corrie
  • Happy birthday
  • By all accounts a lovely lady. Happy birthday Dame Vera.

    One of my late Dad's absolute favourites too
  • Happy Birthday Dane Vera, a true British icon.
  • Many Happy Returns Dame V
  • The Blue Birds are still flying high .. many happy returns to the Forces Sweetheart .. would we have won the war without you ? ((:>)
  • Congratulations on the ton and many happy returns!
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  • JamesSeed said:

    I'm very lucky to have been to Dame Vera's house, maybe 15 years ago, where she made us tea after we had recorded a television interview. She couldn't understand the fuss that was being made of her, and said "I'm just a singer from the East End".

    Also interviewed her about 10 years ago in The Churchill War Rooms, and afterwards she chatted to me and the producer for forty minutes, regaling us with stories from the war: about driving home after shows during bombing raids, about driving into Malayan forests in a small van with a piano and a pianist (and a bottle of whiskey), looking for some troops to entertain. It was more like talking to a 20 something at a party than talking to a ninety year old!

    She remains one of the nicest and most interesting people I've met in 30+ years on the road'.

    Would highly recommend reading 'The Longest Night 10-11 May 1941: Voices from the London Blitz' by Gavin Mortimer

    He describes that night from the viewpoint of the people (from all walks of life and all ages) who endured it. Included in it is Vera Lynn who was performing at the Palladium.

  • Entertainment royalty.

    Very few, if any, equals in terms of her enduring profile and the love she has from the British people.

    Many happy returns Dame Vera.
  • God bless her
    we'll meet again
  • Congrats to her on her 100th. Hope she has her card from the Queen. Many Happy Returns Dame Vera.
  • Happy Birthday to a truly great English lady, and from the east end.
  • A true national treasure, happy birthday Dame Vera
  • Inspiring figure for a generation, but a terrible ornithologist. Happy Birthday.
  • Stig said:

    Inspiring figure for a generation, but a terrible ornithologist. Happy Birthday.

    She didn't write it, the blinkin' yanks did! [No bluebirds in UK]
  • I wrote to her last year on behalf of my pupils, regarding a project about the war I was running and what with the updates which I sent her, she replied three times and included with her letters, a signed photograph. I felt a bit uncomfortable writing more than once but her letters expressed such interest and gratitude that I genuinely believe she welcomed our news. A wonderful lady. Happy Birthday.
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    Happy 100th birthday Dame Vera the Forces Sweetheart. She was invaluable for the forces moral during some dark days in WW2. A truly British icon.

    Same as Tel posted above I too had 'we'll meet again' played at my Normandy Veteran Dad's funeral nine years ago; he would have been 99 this May, 75 years an Addick.
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