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  • Has Driesden written all over this.
  • This has Driesen and the network written all over it.

    Just had a curious glance of the signings that Karl Robinson made whilst MK Dons Manager over the years.

    He only ever signed TWO players from outside the British Isles whilst with the Dons so be very surprised if this is one of HIS targets
  • What's he like on FM17 & FIFA?
  • its a shame as this for me shows no sign that crusty is selling up.
  • Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose
  • Can we have his cousin instead?
  • Player's agent reacts to player moaning about wanting a move. Invents a story. Picks an English football club at random.
  • What's he like on FM17 & FIFA?

    65 rated CDM on FIFA
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  • Sounds like a cold remedy.
  • We are probably wanting to sign him because his surname is Lacazette. A bit like why we signed Thuram. Makes sense.
  • I feel sorry for him if it's true.
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    That little gimp Driesen spends his days retweeting cafc stuff on Twitter. Like Nicky Ajose scoring for Swindon, Tony Watt thanking the fans, Ricky Holmes' Northampton goal nomination.

    Just go away.
  • Can we have his cousin instead?

    Known us it would be his other cousin Sarah though.
  • Have we beaten Arsenal to him?
  • Straight swap for Kashi.
  • I guess they are going to issue Season Ticket renewal forms soon!
  • Sort of rumour which reminds me of the Jean-Christophe Bahebeck rumour from a few summers ago. He's on loan in serie A now.

  • At least he's a zentralen Mittelfeldspieler.

    Sorry Jacko, you're legs have gone.

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  • Another rubbish looking non entity of a player in a position that's not really needed. Sounds double bogey for the Duchatelet / Drieson course. Duchatelet, if he is still around, gets Robinson to play Lacazette by getting rid of all other better options. Three to Four year contract naturally, which Charlton are forced to majority fund, when the player proves to be totally unsuited to British football & the player is farmed out to a European league 3 team. It's enough to make you weep, so clueless & utterly ineptly predictable are the clowns running the club presently.
  • Davo55 said:

    Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose

    avec les frites et une salade verte, s'il vous plaît.
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