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Reasons to buy Charlton Athletic

In the next edition of Trust News (April) we want to run a feature on all the good reasons to see Charlton Athletic as an attractive proposition to buy or invest in. A prospectus on behalf of supporters, if you like.

We'd be grateful for any suggestions - major or minor.

Please see the following link:

Let us have your thoughts in this thread; by PM, or by e mail to [email protected]

Thank you in advance


  • Can't possibly do any worse that the previous mob
  • Enormous premier league potential and the 27,100 capacity stadium.

    If it fills up every week, your laughing.

    The appreciation any new owner would now receive if they were just at least a bit normal and ambitious from here onwards.

    A training ground that's already at a very high standard.

    The fact that we are doing terribly and in a complete mess. Put your stamp on it.
    (What goes up must come down. What goes down must come up)

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    [image of tumbleweed]

    Yes, in the United States, tumbleweed is an invasive, foreign, severe nuisance. That's a good point, although probably not what the Trust is looking for.
  • i havent got the best understanding on this but IF roland were to sell would the buyer get stadium, training ground etc? or has he sold any of it on to any of his other companies?.
  • Prime location for real estate! :wink:
  • To rid the Supporters of the Belgian Nafia
  • RJ is underrated and will sell for £60m in a year or two. You heard it here first.
  • Hopefully you will get some sensible answers in by email.
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  • The vibrant nightlife
  • Curb_It said:

    Hopefully you will get some sensible answers in by email.

    I was being sensible

    Though I did leave out the training ground.
  • If you do it before the Summer you can sack Roger Johnson.
  • Curb_It said:

    Hopefully you will get some sensible answers in by email.

    They are flooding in ! A lot of them mentioning the wit and wisdom of Charlton Life
  • You can exchange advice regarding the best flask and blanket shops in the local area while at a game.
  • The academy, the stadium (and potential to expand), condition of the pitch, training facilities, loyal fanbase (with scope to re-build with the right owner), Location: easy commute by train and proximity to A2/M25, upwardly mobile expanding local (potential) customer base, all the new housing in the area - more people, Greenwich becoming a very attractive area.
    That's my sensible bit...
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    As a new owner there's a slightly used Sofa on the premises somewhere that you could take home.
  • All joking apart, for a decent, well intentioned owner, the fans have to be a big plus.
    Not only will there be an instant increase in ST sales from returning fans, but many will actively support initiatives to grow the fan-base such as Football for a Fiver, or Quid a Kid, introducing potential new Addicks. There is a big hinterland to be tapped, as well as local growth from new housing.
    Throughout the protests, the existing fans have had a good press, through keeping things peaceful, lawful, and good-humoured. So confident have we been of our peaceful credentials that women and children have joined the marches, etc. Nothing there to scare people off, and everything to support the picture of a family-friendly club.

    While attendance numbers are down, there would be an opportunity to move the away fans to another part of the ground, and redevelop the Jimmy Seed Stand, to increase capacity and to provide facilities which could earn more money for the club from visiting fans, and/or on non-match days. This would surely be a sign that the new owners had genuine Premiership ambitions.
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    castrust said:

    Curb_It said:

    Hopefully you will get some sensible answers in by email.

    They are flooding in ! A lot of them mentioning the wit and wisdom of Charlton Life
    And I ain't even come up with anything yet
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    How many season tickets would be sold if a new owner came in, guaranteed a £5m war chest to the management team.

    The management team to consist of:

    A. Curbishley - Director of football
    C. Powell - First team manager
    P. Varney - CEO

    They give a seat on the Board to a fan nominated representative.

    Revert to previous sparrows lane investment and ask the fan protest groups to use the skills learned protesting against duchateket to build attendance instead?

    Ever the optimist.

    Great post.

    I do feel however that the whole Curbs/Powell/Varney thing needs to be put to rest.

    In tough times people like to look for the "good ole days" and hope the future will be like the past. I find those who attempt such "back to the future" ventures almost always wind up disappointed.

    I think we need to move forward and freshly so.

    My dream manager would be Frank de Boer."

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    The current owners have done such a great job of alienating everyone at the club that almost any incoming owner would create an immense feel good factor around the Valley. The squad and the crowd would be bubbling with confidence and enthusiasm. The squad is pretty good for this league, just woefully mismanaged - with minimal squad investment (a couple shown the door, a few squad players, 2 or 3 quality starters, possibly a new manager) the feel good factor would see us in with a really good chance of promotion next season. The feel good factor feeds off itself - there have been a few teams recently that have used promotion from league 1, followed by moderate squad investment for the championship, to mount a really solid promotion challenge to the premiership the following year. It wouldn't take too much squad investment for an even slightly competent owner to be in with a really good chance of promotion to the premiership in just a couple of seasons - largely because this bunch have been so useless that everyone will be so happy to get rid of them.
  • You only have to see what the fans have achieved in its history....A political party that succeeded unlike RD, CARD, international trips to protect the club, created media interest, raised over a million in the VIP sceam. Thousands for the protest fund. A fantastic community system, kick it out, Upbeats.
    The support is a huge (currently) untapped source of help and support.
  • Don't know if anyone has thought of this, but maybe you can build a hotel at the Jimmy Seed Stand or perhaps build flats where the clubshop is? #revolutionary
  • We are in London, and for a foreign owner that must make it more attractive than Hull or Wolverhampton. Better commercially, and in terms of getting media interest.

    Compared with a Championship club (say QPR or Fulham) we'd be cheaper, and with better facilities.

    Charlton still has a "family" club reputation
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