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Outstanding charges on CAFC assets registered as satisfied at Companies House

Not necessarily very significant, but the club has now registered at Companies House that it has satisfied various charges that previously existed on its assets (five on CAFC Ltd and two on Charlton Athletic Holdings Limited). These relate to the paying down of bank debt, which in effect has been transferred to Staprix. It's principally the money borrowed to build the north stand. We knew that it had been paid down, so this is housekeeping. Equally, it's stuff that would come up in a due diligence exercise and needed to be tidied up.

It looks like they did the mortgage charges on CAFC Holdings Limited in May 2016, but either forgot or didn't bother to do them on CAFC Limited. Perhaps something happened to remind them.

The charges against the £7m owed to old board members are not affected.

One oddity is that they have also registered a charge against 2 Lansdowne Mews as being satisfied. I imagine this would have come up in property searches for anyone trying to buy the new flats behind the east stand. It's a bit weird given that this land was sold in 2010 (from recollection) that this charge still existed.


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