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Tickets not arrived

Paid for postage but tickets not arrived (post has just been) . Anyone know if I can print them out having not selected this originally?

If not does it mean sodding about tomorrow?


  • You've had a touch mate.
  • You can print them out but as it's now the day before the game you have to pay a £4 premium :)
  • Call up. This happened to me before. They sent them to the wrong address. They'll arrange for you to collect some at the ground.

    Wouldn't surprise me if they tried to charge you but don't have it
  • Apparently because I ordered them on Thursday they won't be sent out and there is a note on the website telling me this. Didn't stop them taking the quid though.

    This apparently is the fault of the component that designs the software not the club whatsoever.

    They've not been email me to print out though that was half an hour ago and they ain't arrived yet
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