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Priceless: how Duchatelet wasted £10m on transfer fees

This is my take on Charlton's spending on signings since 2014. It occurred to me that in each set of accounts the club is obliged to highlight its most expensive purchases - ten of them to date under RD - and what it has paid overall, so isolating what value those ten players had delivered might be meaningful.

Specifically, they have averaged half a season each in the starting line-up, which is about £43k a game, before wages and other costs. It's here for those interested.


  • Good read. Says a lot about the incompetence of those in charge.
  • Christ on a bike
  • If the figures are correct, or close to correct, this is damning and shows that Daisy/the SMT shouldn't be let anywhere near contract negotiations no matter how much they 'enjoy it'.
  • Great analysis - timing couldn't be better with Q&A tomorrow. Also a good retort to the training ground propoganda video the club have just realeased
  • It is quite unbelievable that those who made such decisions in any business are still in place.
  • Good piece - be interesting to see how many of this seasons squad (including those away 'on loan') are around in August.
  • Very good article. Indefensible errors of judgement.
  • £10 million wisely spent by an experienced English/British manager on mostly experienced English/British players would have got us to the top half of the Championship .. foreign ownership, a stupid and arrogant as well as inexperienced 'CEO' and a bunch of absolutely useless managers, mostly foreigners with NO experience of English football has seen the money go to utter waste .. what will happen in this close season ? .. it's a cliff-hanger .. don't go away folks
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  • To top things off Robinson has brought in players that are no better than what we already had in the squad this year in Lewis Page & Forster Caskey. What an absolute mess. Roland really is shit at appointing staff to spend his money.
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