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Fancy a job at Charlton?

As a cameraman who's about to retire I can't believe how low the salary is.
Just over a weeks wages for our highest paid player maybe?

Organisation Charlton Athletic Football Club Salary £21,000 - £23,000 (depending on experience) Location South East London Contract type Permanent (Full time) Closing date 30 May 2017 Interview date 5 June 2017 Job Description Department: Communications
Location: South East London
Reporting to: Head of Communications
Remuneration: £21K - £23K (depending on experience)
Benefits include, but aren’t limited to, private medical insurance, laptop, mobile phone, childcare vouchers, cycle2work scheme etc.
Closing Date: 30 May 2017

As the Video Journalist, you will be working in the communications department. You will be responsible for producing content for all the club’s online platforms and ensuring they are of the highest quality in order to meet departmental and commercial targets.

•Responsible for the day to day content of the club’s online video platforms;
•Edit the content of the club’s online video platforms to ensure they are of the highest quality;
•Conceptualise, produce, and edit video and audio for club’s online video platforms;
•On-camera activity including presenting live video, features and interviews;
•Oversee the introduction and implementation of an official club app and improved video subscription service;
•Cover the first team on home match days and two thirds of away matches;
•Ensure the club’s online video platform is up-to-date, accurate and engaging for supporters;
•Come up with ideas to ensure the club’s online video platforms continue to grow and improve;
•Produce regular analytics reports of the club’s online video channels;
•Manage the content on the club’s premium multimedia channel in order to grow the number of subscribers;
•Work closely with the club’s commercial, ticketing and hospitality department to ensure video online channel is fully aligned with club’s business objectives;
•Contribute content for other club channels as required;
•Assist other members of the department with organising press conferences and media appearances;
•Monitor associated online platforms and provide guidance where necessary;
•Provide digital coverage of the club’s academy sides.

• Educated to a degree level (E);
•Media/broadcast/journalism qualification (E);

Specific Experience:
•On-camera presenting and interviewing (E);
•Producing and editing video and audio content (E);
•Experience with basic graphic design (E);
•Writing tight, sharp and engaging scripts for video content (E).

•Strong, proven interviewing skills (E);
•Proven video editing skills (E);
•Highly literate and experienced writer (E);
•Good knowledge of football, including all levels of the Football League (D);
•Ability to come up with and implement new ideas (E);
•Excellent organisation skills and ability to manage more than one project at a time (E);
•Ability to work under pressure and a willingness to work anti-social hours, including weekends (E);
•High attention to detail/brand alignment (E);
•Ability to respect confidentiality (E).

Additional Information:
•This a full time role that includes work on weekends and evenings;
•Applicants must be eligible to live and work in the UK;
•Charlton Athletic FC is committed to following relevant health & safety regulations and all members of staff are expected to be fully aware and adhere to, at all times, the Club’s H&S and fire safety procedures;
•Charlton Athletic Football Club are fully committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expect all staff to share this commitment;
•CAFC is committed to the principle of equal opportunity and its policies for recruitment, selection, training, development and promotion are designed to ensure that no job applicant receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of race, colour, nationality, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, age, ethnic and national origin, disability or gender reassignment.


  • How could any live in London earning 21k ?
  • How could any live in London earning 21k ?

    Live with parents
  • How could any live in London earning 21k ?

    Work the streets in their spare time, film it, get a decent following on social media, made for life
  • Bet they're queuing around the block....
  • The entire video/media industry is fucked. If you're not self employed you're working for a pittance and grossly overworked.

    I think they're just looking for some one fresh out of uni. As some one who did a film degree and managed to get a job and now 3 years later i realise how little technical knowledge i had leaving uni and how much my worked really sucked.
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  • Laptop and mobile phone a benefit?
  • cafc999 said:

    Laptop and mobile phone a benefit?

    Oh yes!
  • edited May 2017
    cafc999 said:

    Laptop and mobile phone a benefit?

    don't take the piss, they've had to sell a box load of used sweatbands to offer that benefit! :wink:
  • cafc999 said:

    Laptop and mobile phone a benefit?

    That's exactly what I thought. They are tools of the job for crying out loud
  • When they advertised for a fitness and conditioning coach the salary offered was way below the industry norm.
  • Trouble is that it's hard for graduates to get experience so it's tempting for them to take the low wages to get something on their CV.

    Also means they leave in a year or so when their CV looks better.


    And, just as important, the person doing the job will be making a lot of contacts in the industry if they are smart about it. Charlton may be league 1 but they still appear on tv every week and in all the national newspapers. For somebody starting out who can live at home it would be worth doing the job for free and network for all it's worth.

  • Didn't Liam Happe start this way? He now works for News Shopper, Eurosport and does freelance stuff so it can't be a bad place to start off
  • Swisdom said:

    Didn't Liam Happe start this way? He now works for News Shopper, Eurosport and does freelance stuff so it can't be a bad place to start off

    you'll get similar pay and have to work similar hours for big post houses like MPC if you wanted experience etc. And they are awful places to work
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  • JohnnyH2 said:

    No mention in the job description of filming fans protesting at the gates of the training ground or directoring another cameraman of fans to film protesting in the West Stand Car Park

    Or wearing those funny trousers - they're not even listed as a perk so you must have to supply your own :unamused:
  • Trouble is that it's hard for graduates to get experience so it's tempting for them to take the low wages to get something on their CV.

    Also means they leave in a year or so when their CV looks better.

    To boost your CV as a CEO obviously takes considerably longer than a year.
  • suppose they could supplement their income with a small trade in only-used-once stress balls / pigs / taxis...
  • Well it's only to be expected...
  • 21,000 is exactly 10 per hour. Ouch.

    Notice no retirerement plan is included.
  • I assume the "etc" bit in Benefits include means free vol-au-vents on match day?
  • Such a job demands a graduate who will be carrying a huge burden of debt anyway. The nature and hours demanded from this job means you would probably kill yourself doing it if you lived somewhere cheap, like Skelmersdale or wherever, to live close to the office for this job means a rent and other fixed costs of probably £1,200 per month. Take home pay would be about £1600 a month (?). Not able to start paying back the student loan hanging over you because you have to be earning over £21,000 before you start paying it.
    The only realistic way somebody could manage is probably living at that excludes outliers and those leaving care probably, or some kind of hostel or digs arrangement. This is not a 'warm' job offer, and it would probably need to be loaded with perks, or be done by a Charlton fan willing to make a lot of sacrifices.
  • The book "Soccernomics" has a good line about working for a club.... "Unless you are a player, manager or CEO, you get paid in stardust."
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