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Charlton v. Chelsea 2003/2004 Season

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Game highlights on BT Sport 3 at 7:00 - 7:30PM (Tuesday 30th May). Fond memories of that game.


  • Well I watched it. That was a great day. Parker immense and nice to see Chris Powell on at the end. They played like a proper team.
  • Wow! Those really were the days. If you'd told me in 2004 where we'd be now I would've had you sectioned. Funny old game...
  • Probably the best ever performance at The Valley , what can happen with good leadership on and off the pitch.
  • Haha!
    The commentary on the replay of our 4th goal:
    "Wayne Bridge taking out John Terry in the process..."
    If only eh Wayne? If only...
  • Ohh to see the valley that packed and to hear Valley Floyd Road sung like that.
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