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Caption Competition

What are the players looking at and what are they saying?



  • Shit we only have four players this season.
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    Driesden showing the team his FM17/18 squad.
  • Clearly they are looking at Charlton Life for news of what the hells going on at the club......

    I think JFC is on the election thread saying 'I don't get it, they are saying Labour and the Conservatives won, so do I have to pay more tax or not?'
  • A Roland team talk.
  • Roland forgets to turn off his webcam.
  • "Hey Tony, where do I leave my film review request on your website?"
  • I'm telling you! He was definitely one of the managers in 2016
  • Solly: Look at this list of clubs that want to sign me... Makes Jorge's look a bit embarrassing
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  • So that's what a blue waffle looks like...
  • "Look at this Caption Competition that those idiots on CharltonLife have created of us... Any of you lads got a good one you can respond with"
  • "there's the proof, Jacko's legs have finally gone"
  • "So that's what Chris O'Loughlin looks like"
  • "Look at this lads, you have 10 seconds to memorise the names of all our season ticket holders next season before I close the lid of the laptop with my extraordinarily big left hand."
  • "They're not real lesbians you know. In fact, they're not even cheerleaders."
  • "Always liked that Kym Marsh".
  • So she thinks F10 is the role Billy plays?
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  • Watch these YouTube videos and see what you think of our possible recruits
  • see Tony, you did once score a goal, so do you think this season you might score another ?
  • "Blimey, it's not just hearsay that she's definitely done that before"
  • Come on, surely one of you can clear the Internet history
  • "Told you it really was Kym Marsh"
  • Are you sure that's John Terry's mum?
  • Would ya?
  • One for the Charlton ladies........4 blokes, 2 bottles.
  • It doesn't look like John Terry's mum..
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