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*** smudge7946 ***

please answer a private message I sent you


  • Dont be shy... We're all friends here!!
  • Do you only send PMs to men with big weapons?
  • give over, you seen the gun he's carrying?
  • Large versus Smudge - Macro's car park, July 29th, 1:30pm.

    Large 1/5 on (Favourite)
    Smudge 9/1

    I would like £8,000 on Large please and £960 on Smudge if I might Benevolent Brendan my super friendly bookie?
    Not so fast! I believe the term in the vernacular is 'you've been mugged'.

    You must have missed the small print that quoted the price of 8/1 for the bout not to take place. (104.44% is very competitive!!).

    The book is now closed - Brendan I believe you've just copped £8,960 profit old chap.

    Bob Munro - advising bookmakers since 1981
  • bumpty bump
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