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Things you can say whilst making sweet lurve or at a funeral.

With the unexpected popularity and all round CL brilliance demonstrated on the lurve/dinner combo thread, a new twist. Picked up via Kathryn Ryan's twitter link.
Things you can say whilst making sweet lurve or at a funeral.

1. I'm so sorry that was so sudden.


  • Anyone asked Ooooahhh I believe he is the CL resident expert in these matters!
  • How stiff do I need to be then?
  • Thats a big hole
  • The deeper the better.
  • Probably won't see her again after this
  • Stop crying, it'll all be over in 10 minutes.
  • 'You're next'.
  • What's that smell?
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  • Will there be a buffet afterwards?
  • Had a funeral a week ago last Monday. My dad has actually just retired from the funeral game. At the funeral we were at the other week, the deceased had put on a ton of weight (he had a heart attack). Anyway we were remarking at how big the coffin was, especially the depth. My dad informed me of the different depths etc relative to the size of the person, and said, under his breath as the coffin was being wheeled in, "that could be an 18 incher"

  • (With thanks to Sir Les Patterson)

    Well, folks, we go back a long way. In fact she used to say to me, Les, you go back a long way. Only, only, her eyes were usually watering when she said that.
  • Poor Nan, I've never seen her cry so much.
  • It's sad but these are the only times you'll get me in the same room with all my siblings. ..
  • Time to go down
  • He went on longer than anyone expected.
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  • I can smell my viking longboat burning
  • Nice spread
  • edited July 2017
    "That was wonderful Reverend Father"
  • I've not seen the deceased that stiff for a long time.
  • It's not the first time he's been stiff inside a box.
  • I think rigor mortis has set in!
  • I'm impressed with those curtains.
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