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Players Marks for the Ipswich Game

As there seems to be some interest I shall run a players marks thread after the game on Saturday. For those of you new to this forum we put up a list of players after each game and ask those who saw the match to mark the players between 0.5 and 10 with half marks allowed. During the season these marks are collated and the player with the highest average marks is nominated man of the match which is published in the Statbank with some more stats. This weekend I shall just publish the average marks. The players marks thread will be taken down sometime on Monday afternoon.


  • Considering we played Norwich last night, I assume you've both consulted your crystal balls .....
  • Roland - 10: For an old guy I'm surprised the bloke can play so well!!
  • Maynard-Brewer 9 Two penalty saves and couldn't do anything about any of the six goals
    Dasilva 6 hope the injury isn't too bad
    Sarr 6 Brilliant other than the mistakes
    Konsa 8 Good enough for the Everton scout in the directors box to make a bid
    Solly 6 too short
    Kashi 10
    Crofts 10 him and Kashi will run this division
    Holmes 3 Silly sending off
    Watt 1 No excuse for what he did
    Novak 9 socred twice and made two others
    Hackett-Fairchild 11 - A hat-trick, what more can you say.

    Hope you haven't jinxed JDS Sir Henners!
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    Mullins - 10
    DeLort - 10

    Great tactics from Appleton.
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Roland Out Forever!