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Fans Have Lost The Club They Once Loved - Article In Today's Telegraph

Despite the apt title, the article wasn't specifically about Charlton. It was about football more generally and focussed on Blackburn in particular. Nothing specific about our plight but there are a couple of lines mentioning us and a tacit understanding that things are very wrong at Charlton:
➽ Blackburn, Charlton, Coventry, Blackpool and others are in terrible situations that need to be reviewed.
➽ Charlton. Seventh in the Premier League in 2004, but relegated in 2007 and 2009. The takeover by Roland Duchatelet in 2014 angered fans.
➽ [Cardiff City] is a club which five years ago would have been listed alongside Blackburn, Charlton and Coventry as a football basket case...

Most of all though I was pleased that it was my son pictured on the front of their Sports section:

Roland Out001

Oh, and if anyone is in or around Blackburn on 2nd September, you might like to support Rock Against The Venkys that night.
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