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All Blacks v Wallabies

What a stunning game of rugby. Aussies were 17-0 up after 15 and the ABs got back to 17-14 at half time.

A game of attrition in the second half has exploded with the lead switching several times. Aussies thought they had it by a point with a couple of minutes to go, but...

Brilliant entertainment from both sides. Great, great rugby!


  • Damn - didn't realise it was on.
  • bobmunro said:

    Damn - didn't realise it was on.

    Crap, nor me.
  • One of the best games I think I've ever seen. Great entertainment from start to finish.
  • stonemuse said:

    bobmunro said:

    Damn - didn't realise it was on.

    Crap, nor me.

    Sounds like a great game.
  • saw last week's in NZ when the ABs mullered the Ozzies, at one time they were about 40 points ahead .. relaxed 2nd half and let OZ back in .. both these sides though never know when they're beaten
  • You won't see better than that. It was an awesome match.
  • Another cracking game in the Bledisloe this morning. Some great rugby, despite conditions in Brisbane. Anxious last 6/7 minutes for the Aussies.
  • Great pen by Wallabies. ABs have to get a try now...never count against them though.
  • Great win for the Aussies. ABs went for it at the end, but Kane knocked on. Scenes in Brisbane. They really worked hard for that win.
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