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Jimmy Armfield

No he's not dead!

Not many on here would have seen Jimmy Armfield play but all true football fans will know the name and particularly the voice as he's been summerisering on BBC Radio Sport since 1979. On Radio5Live tonight was a wonderful interview with the great man. Just listening to him talk about how he unluckily missed out on not only playing in the '66 World Cup but also being the winning captain is so heartwarming due to it's lack of bitterness and overriding humility.
He picked up the pieces after Clough's infamous 44 days at Leeds and appointed the two best England managers since Sir Alf.
I urge you to listen.


  • my first ever proper boss was his son - a nice bloke and his dad is on of football's iconic voices
  • Yes.....a fine "man of football" in all respects.
  • Cheers for that, sounds a good listen.

    He always comes across so well, seems a lovely bloke and very knowledgable about the game.
  • I've always given him the credit for being the first full back to play the overlapping game well and I'm sure Blackpool scored many goals from his crosses. He was seriously good, a classier player than George Cohen and dead unlucky not to lead us out in '66.
  • Used to love his co-commentary work on the BBC, great knowledge and good sense of humour.
  • Gentleman Jim .. he was unlucky that George Cohen was a marginally better right back ..
    Armfield got Leeds to the Euro Cup final as a manager where they were robbed by B Munich and a very dodgy referee .. I was working in Holland at the time and had to explain to my Dutch friends why the Leeds fans were tearing the stadium apart ..

    Armfield is/was quite influential with the FA, rightly so, as he is a very knowledgeable football man and a great ambassador for English football, as well as a shrewd pundit
  • Lucky to watch him play for Blackpool in 1966 great player. Also if anyone visits Lancaster Prison you will be asked about acoat of arms which hangs on the wall the answer is Jimmy Armfield.
  • Thanks @Riviera for the link, a really good interview and an amazing career.
  • I remember seeing Jimmy Armfield playing at the Valley in November 1968, when we drew 0-0 on a bone-hard pitch - a few months after we beat a Fulham side 5-3, replete with George Cohen and an veteran Johnny Haynes.

    Will definitely listen to the interview. Armfield talks a lot of sense and is a true football man.
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