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Lots of new users today - PLEASE READ

Thanks for joining up.

We are not in competition with other forums, and would be grateful if at some stage you read the rules and regs in the sticky at the top, plus helpful guides on how to use the forums best to suit your needs.

Please note the key point however:

* Please disagree with posts and other users, however this board is not one that tolerates personal insults to other users, or those that deliberately try to to antagonise other users. There are plenty of boards now, if that's your thing please use another.

AFKA and LookOut


  • AFKA - are you deliberately trying to antagonise LoOkOuT with you mocking misuse of the capitals in his name?
  • he's never explained what that's all about to me !!!

    always been curious...(but never confused)
  • how many have joined since sunday?
  • I tried recruiting but fear I may have failed! :o(
  • [cite]Posted By: Curb_It[/cite]how many have joined since sunday?
    and do they include two blonde Romanians and a sturdy brunette from Prague :-)
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