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Curbs and Tevez

Of no direct relevance to us obviously, but it looks like Curbs has fallen out with one of his squad. Think this might have happened before...?

Article in The Observer today:

Carlos Tevez, West Ham's controversial Argentine striker, is keen to leave the club because of differences with manager Alan Curbishley. Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool are all considering a move for Tevez, who scored seven goals in the Hammers' last 10 Premiership games of the season to help keep them in the top flight.
According to a West Ham insider, Tevez will not consider staying at Upton Park as long as Curbishley is in charge. 'Tevez likes the club and wants to stay,' the source said, 'but he won't while Alan Curbishley is the manager. He hasn't forgotten how he was treated when Curbishley first took over from Alan Pardew. He told Tevez he didn't know what his best position was, treated him indifferently in training, and refused to play him at first.'

Curbishley left the 23-year-old on the bench for his first game in charge, a 1-0 win over Manchester United in December, and it was a month before he named Tevez in a starting line-up in the Premiership.
'If there was a change of manager maybe it would be different,' the source added, 'but Tevez does not think Curbishley knows what he is doing and that he's a bad manager. He wants to play for someone who can further develop his game. Curbishley recognises now that Tevez saved our season, but it's too late.'

Tevez, who has won 25 caps for Argentina and played for them in last year's World Cup finals, was the subject of a £31million bid from Inter Milan while at Brazilian club Corinthians in 2005, and it is believed that a similar figure will be demanded for him this summer.


  • Without doubting that Curbs has only two ways of managing (my way or the highway) the fact that Tevez was poor under Pards and the prospect of mega bucks from Real or Inter may just be factors in Tevez's thinking.
  • subject to to a £31m bid, so why wasn't the deal done.....?
  • the Hammerheads must be really looking forward to receiving £31m for, what...Kia who?....shurely shome mishtake
  • Didn't the Jimmy Mallets tear up their agreement with the Kia character.......otherwise they would have had to forfeit their handy little previously agreed corrupt cartel with the Premier League?
  • Well if the Premier League say it was all legit who are we to argue. They acted in good faith and without any interference or bais and anyone who says otherwise if just bitter and is denying that West Ham won the world cup. What's a dodgy contract between friends as long as you plead gulity. Eventually.
  • I couldn't have said it better, Henry........
  • the money would go to his owners (previous club) rather than some of it going to his part owner that agent blokey, I think.....
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    [cite]Posted By: Henry Irving[/cite]Without doubting that Curbs has only two ways of managing (my way or the highway) the fact that Tevez was poor under Pards and the prospect of mega bucks from Real or Inter may just be factors in Tevez's thinking.

    Curbs goes into a deeply under-performing club with wall to wall prima donnas and sorts them out, gets them playing and they avoid the drop. In the process, he plays Tevez who almost single-handedly digs them out. This story sounds like a load of tosh to me. Much more likely,as you say , is that Tevez is being lured away to bigger pastures. If we also speculate that Joorbachan still "owns" Tevez then he probably wants to cash in. Tevez is worth considerably more now than he did before West Ham acquired his services.

    Personally I find it a bit tiresome that some fans are still looking at so called failings in Curbs. That he ruled a bunch of prima donna's in a no nonsense way is a
    strength in my opinion. Maybe that strength is why we stayed for so long in the premiership under his leadership, and maybe why (cheating claims aside), West Ham are still in the premiership and we are going to Scunthorpe next season?
  • Bing, I wasn't digging out Curbs. He did a great job for us and eventually with West Ham but remember they were 15th when Pards left and went 10 games without a win after the Man Utd victory. He also got extreamly lucky (arsenals 35 shots and 0 goals, the pen and goal that never was at B'Burn)
  • Agreed Henry, you can't really give Curbs much credit for their survival, it was mostly down to Tevez and some outrageous good fortune which, to be fair, they capitalised on by then winning their other matches (Wigan, Everton, Bolton).

    They did well but lets see how they go next year withour Tevez......
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