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With the Smoking ban about to kick in.....july 1st

Many NON smokers will be pleased to know that smoking will now be banned from enclosed public places,and rightly so,SMOKING Will be banned, given that we now have 17,000 season ticket holders on board(how many currently smoke)and the concourses will now be be smoke free what will SMOKERS be doing during half time when they would normally go for a fag,some people find it hard to give up,the weed is so addictive and it's not always easy to give up. if you wait for half time and a fag what will do to combat your addiction?


  • Breathing fresh(ish) air!
  • i can't see it being too well enforced at football games
  • i don't know to be honest.

    i hope i would of given up by the start of the season, but i've no problem with the pub ban because i would rather be in a smoke-free pub and nip outside every hour or so. Being somewhere enclosed when i've had a drink, like in a football ground or a nightclub is going to take a bit of getting used to.

    People say about planes etc. but i don't have a few drinks before flying so i can't compare to that.
  • Nightclubs!!
    How old are you?
  • [cite]Posted By: DJ Davey Dave[/cite]Nightclubs!!
    How old are you?

    A Riscardo 27.........
  • [cite]Posted By: The Boat[/cite]i can't see it being too well enforced at football games

    I believe clubs will take it seriously - they will be hit by big fines if found to have not enforced the smoking ban.
    And apparently there is going to be a number of plain clothes spies mingling amongst everybody(!)

    Of course, the ban took effect in Scotland last year. Anybody since been to Scottish grounds and can let us know how effective it is?
  • Don't tend to go to matches here- spend all my time/ money going to Charlton instead!

    Overall the ban is strictly imposed, though.
  • Well if you're really desperate, you could stump up the extra cash to swap your season ticket over to the East Stand, as the concourse there isn't enclosed.
  • I was at a small festival in Scotland a couple of weeks ago....... virtually all the smokers trooped outside to light up between acts and nobody seemed to moan. When somebody eventually did light up, stewards came from all directions and ejected the offender.

    I guess that's how it'll be in football stadiums.
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