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Who's at Work Today?

edited May 2007 in General Charlton
Me, till 12pm.


  • Me - it's not a bank holiday in Scotland! Mind you, I'm then off on holiday for a week from tomorrow...
  • Nah, lazing around. Pub lunchtime then back in time for the Play Off final.

    Suppose I'd better get dressed soon.
  • Working until about 2pm.Dead as a dodo.
  • Yes working, no bank holiday here. But hoping for a few in the pub for the cricket - weather permitting - and the PO final.
  • might as well be stuck in doors evryone in bed STILL

    Bored bored bored
  • I am also- got to leave a bit early as my journey home takes me past Wembley.

    Pleasures of running your own business!
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Roland Out!