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Ticket prices

Not talking about football ticket prices but gigs, stand ups etc. Have they gone through the roof in the past couple of years or is it me?
I've just looked at tickets for Noel Gallagher at Wembley Area next year. Standing (which sells out is seconds) £56 not too bad. Seating £86! For me that way OTT. I get that your favourite bands etc you'll pay a bit over the odds but nearly £100 for not a very well placed seat is too much.
I've took to buying based on venue. I'm seeing Royal Blood at Ally Pally in November for £40 and until something else sensible comes up that will be me for a while.
My question is how much are you guys willing to spend and does it depend on the venue/act etc?


  • Paid £77 for seating at Brighton Center as standing sold out. I had said to my dad I weren't gonna pay that sort of price but I think once you know you can get the tickets, you bite the bullet and get them! I am looking forward to it but yeah, I didn't expect those sort of prices!
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