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Goal Rush

edited May 2007 in General Charlton
Has anyone watched this dvd, i borrowed it off of a mate, and i can ya it is the absolute nuts! Presented by Jim Rosenthal, and the actual disc is in the shape of the shirt!

Basically for those who havnt seen it, its well worth it! It goas in goal section, such as, Volleys, individual efforts and headers! It starts out with Killer in his prime, all sorts of killer goals!

Anyway my point is, the individual efforts section, they should just call it Morts Section! The geezer is a genius, and the ball is like glued to his foot!

Brilliant dvd, i am going to buy it myself now!


  • Yes got it for Xmas its a great watch
  • Let me borrow it when you get it Olie?
  • [cite]Posted By: Morts-Genius[/cite]Let me borrow it when you get it Olie?

    dude you'll love it! i am going to have to save up tho!!
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