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EFL chief defends owners test

Shaun Harvey says that new rules have prevented unsuitable owners from taking over football clubs.


  • Hahahaha hahahaha
  • what did you expect ? .. interesting and not really surprising was the main criteria for 'selection'.. money/lucre/dosh/dough/cash .. 'first they look in the purse' ..
    It's not clear if they check ..

    a) where the money came from and
    b) proof that the money REALLY belongs to the applicant
  • EFL are a laughing stock not far behind FIFA
  • TEL said:

    EFL are a laughing stock not far behind FIFA

    To be fair to them though football, and English football in particular, is a laughing stock.

    We have players in the Premier League earning more in a year than many clubs’ turnover; most of the clubs lose money every year and have debts that they can’t ever be expected to clear; and we have agents taking more money on one transfer than the turnover of three quarters of the third and forth division clubs added together.

    If one could find someone stupid enough to pay off one’s mortgage, buy one a new car and drop £5m in one’s pension how hard would one look to find a reason to turn them down?
  • Bloke was at Leeds Utd - say no more!

    But this quote: "What the test never gets credit for is how many people it stops from applying to buy a club," Harvey told the BBC.

    How would he know how many? Just how? If people don't apply, there would be no stats! That's like saying The West Ham ground admission rules stopped me from applying for a season ticket to The Taxpayers Stadium. Absolute moron.
  • Arrogant twatt. So success is measured by who does not apply, not by the incompetent wasters that have allowed to actually own a club. How could they have ever thought a prospective owner who does not believe that winning games is important is a fit and proper person to run a football club?

    Whatever next? They will be appointing managers to England teams without bothering to read his file and thus putting kids at risk.

    The government really needs to step in and get rid of these old white men and replace them with people who have been involved personally involved with the game.

  • What we need is the EFL to run its own internal investigation to make sure all is okay.
  • Does anyone have an email contact for this twat?
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