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Club and Country

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I was just wondering how many Addicks out their go England home and away as well as Charlton?

Especially the away games, as I don't know many and as we are coming up to the first England games since relegation I reckon some stick will be heading our way so I feel we need to stick together out there.


  • Going back to going to England home games, would love to have the money to go away, but don't.
  • I know what you mean mate, the only reason I can afford both is I'm working but have no major responsibilities.

    Won't be able to keep it up forever I suppose, if I had to pick away would always edge it as with all away games the buzz you get, especially abroad, is much more intense.
  • Done quite a few England away games. Mainly tournaments but a few of the more friendly away games, Amsterdam, Paris, Madrid etc.

    Will be a regular at Wembley as fella I go to England games with has Wembley Gold Member tickets, woo hoo.

    Palacehater off here goes a fair bit.
  • Just started to go this past season.

    Managed to get to all the England home games since the Greece friendly and also went to the away games in Macedonia, Croatia and Andorra. Will be at Wembley for the Brazil game but will probably miss a few after that due to other commitments.

    Will hopefully be in Austria \ Switzerland as well but definitely have a ticket for a QF in Basle next June at the moment.

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